A message from wordworx

Well… it’s a little odd that a company which is all about words should be lost for words.

As a community-oriented independent publisher, we’ve worked ridiculously hard over the last 12 months not just to provide a platform for local authors to publish their work and reach new audiences, but also to reach out into the community and make literature a part of as many peoples lives as possible.

Even a couple of months ago, developing projects for schools and care homes among others seemed like a pretty safe bet. So did rolling out our affordable English classes for foreign speakers. Need we say any more…

Perhaps the biggest joke in all of this is that it all started with a book about infectious diseases… (we still have copies to prove it).

That we’ll be carrying on with business, that is for sure. What is also sure is that like for so many other independent businesses, it will most certainly not be business as usual. We can only hope that we, along with our many friends and supporters in business (you know who you are), can weather this latest storm.

With so much sadness and suffering, we do feel that the world needs positivity now more than ever before. With this in mind, we are going to try to move as many of our activities as possible online. We’re also going to do our best to provide opportunities for inspiration, encouragement and discussion for those who have already embarked on a writing journey as well as those who are starting out; in fact, anybody seeking new inspiration in these uncharted times – so keep an eye out for our posts over the coming weeks and months.

We might have to politely ask you to buy a book from time to time too, just to keep us going – because you never know if you don’t try.
We wish all of our customers strength in these difficult times,


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