The Backstory

J.Allan Longshadow, Chief Wordsmith & Founder of wordworx creative writing studio

“Words have always played a central role in my life, both personal and professional. My parents taught me the joy of books very early on, and as a child, I was a voracious reader. By the time I reached the junior class in my primary school (it only had two classes, infants and juniors) I had already devoured every single title that the school ‘library’ had to offer. Seeing my hunger for reading and the need to furnish me with more pages, my father began introducing me to various authors from his own extensive book collection.

Discovering Ray Bradbury was the turning point, when I suddenly realised that I was no longer content just to read. I knew, after reading ‘The Halloween Tree’ and ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, that my true calling was to be a writer.

My love of language saw me excel in English throughout school, and also saw me train as an English teacher, paving the way for me to spend eight years teaching abroad. As well as teaching, I have had the pleasure of enjoying a professional career that includes work in the fields of journalism, commercial copywriting, publishing and editing.

It was during my time abroad that I began writing short fiction, inspired by my experiences on the road. The culmination was my first published book ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’, which was released on my thirtieth birthday.

Throughout my journey with words, I always felt I wanted to do more; to be able, ultimately, to create pictures. I wanted my words to leave the page. This quest to bring my words to life has led me to explore prose and poetry, performing arts, photography and filmmaking and finally, to the creation of the wordworx creative writing studio. “

J.Allan Longshadow, Founder