NW AuthorEXPO2020 – Attending Authors & Exhibitors

Paul Jeorrett

Paul Jeorrett has spent years championing literature both here in North Wales and beyond. He presents ‘Calon Talks Books’ on Calon FM and will be joining us at the event where he will be interviewing authors on behalf of Calon FM.

Discover more about the show at https://www.facebook.com/CalonTalksBooks/

Sue Miller

Sue Miller is the founder of Team Author and Editorial Director. Raised in Canada, Sue has lived in North Wales for over 20 years. Her vast experience includes marketing, communications, copywriting and editing. An entrepreneur at heart, Sue loves nothing more than helping others achieve their dreams.

Sue is also the content editor of Mama Life Magazine, a lifestyle magazine in the Midlands, host of the Indie Author Show on CalonFM digital radio and networks extensively in the North West.

Sue also presents ‘Pen and Ink’ on Calon FM, a fortnightly show broadcasting on Wednesdays at 12 noon, and is a member of the committee for Wrexham Carnival of Words.

Jaki Thompson

‘You have a very warped mind, Mom…’ Don’t worry, I didn’t take offence when my son told me this priceless piece of information. His next question did make me start thinking, though. I’ve often been asked how do I think up the events for my stories, and have to admit that sometimes I mine my memory for bits of inspiration, things that I thought long- forgotten, using character traits of some of the most memorable people that have shared my life so far, not all of them pleasant. Other times players will emerge entirely from my own imagination, scary though that thought is. My own experiences play a huge role in the tales I tell, although I am thankful for the fact that I have never met anyone as terrifying as my ‘baddies’! I enjoy a good mystery, like to think I can work out ‘who dunnit’, and try almost obsessively to prevent others from doing the same! I’m currently working on the second in the ‘Ellie Shaw’ series, thinking up yet more devious plots.

‘A series of brutal murders terrorises an Island community. It seems no-one is safe. As the body count builds, the investigating team, led by an incompetent Senior Investigating Officer is being pressed for results. When expert profiler, John Prothero accepts a role with the Home Office, he recommends that Ellie Shaw takes over his position in the investigation. No- one, least of all Ellie, believes she had the maturity that taking the lead in the investigation needs. But she has something that her mentor never possessed…’

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Bob Gaffey

Bob Gaffey is an author and poet based in Mold, and served as Mayor of Mold from 2017-18. He first got into writing when he joined the poetry nights in Saith Seren and helped to arrange fundraising for them by publishing a poetry book with six amateur / semi-professionals including his own work. From there, he went on to set up a monthly poetry group in Mold.

After leaving the town council, he decided to write a trilogy about his time with the council. He mixed the trilogy diary up with political essays and poetry. The final record came out last month entitled ‘For the Record’. This piece also has essays from the work he has done with U3A. Proceeds from all of Bob’s books go to different charities, with For the Record supporting the Theatre Clwyd Trust in recognition of what Bob feels is a real privilege to have in such a small town.

David Williams

“I like to write stories driven by the natural strangeness inherent in life. Magic Realism is an appropriate description of the genre, but I find it equally pleasing, if not more so, to borrow a beautiful term from the annals of fantastical literature: High Strangeness. “

Discover more on David’s profile page.

Martin Tracey

Martin is an author who likes to push the boundaries of reality. Although not totally genre-specific his novels reflect the things he has always enjoyed: music, horror, crime and even football. His books to date include Beneath The Floodlights (vampires and football), the popular Judd Stone series – Mind Guerrilla and Club 27 – both exploring conspiracy theories such as the 27 club where so many pop stars have died aged 27, and the ghost story Things They’ll Never See. Before writing novels.

Martin played in various bands gaining some success. Martin is the songwriter and co-performer of Raging Bull which can be found on the album Old Gold Anthems – the songs of Wolves (available on Amazon and i Tunes). Martin went on to co-found Entity Fair and Martin’s song Saturn Rising won a competition on BBC Radio, winning an incredible 40% of the public vote, resulting in this song-writing duo supporting the popular 80’s outfit of Roland Gift and the Fine Young Cannibals at Birmingham’s Alexander Theatre.

Discover more at http://www.martintracey.co.uk

Natalie Roberts 

Natalie Roberts is a UK and US bestselling author of self-help, personal development and social care books. She is a hybrid author, meaning she has traditional book deals and also publishes independently. Natalie is also the co-owner of Dragon Ghostwriters and regularly contributes features to a variety of magazines. She currently lives in Wrexham with her four children and two jumpy cats.

Discover more at www.natalieroberts.net and www.dragonghostwriters.co.uk

P.J. Roscoe

Mother, Wife, daughter, sister, Author, narrator, counsellor, Holistic therapist, movement therapy facilitator, drumming therapist, Angel Voice Healer – not necessarily in that order, but I work hard at all of them!! I’m the award-winning author of five paranormal, historical fiction and the Adventures of Faerie folk series for young children, with at least three more novels in various stages of completion and six more faerie books waiting to come out. I also have three short stories published in three anthologies, and a book of short stories available. I am the narrator of a variety of books and am currently working my way through ten classics of Bronte, Austin and Wilde whilst also voice acting for various scripts and working alongside a director who is bringing my award-winning historical fiction, Diary of Margery Blake, to life via an Audio-drama. I live in North Wales, surrounded by Celtic magic and yes, I believe in faeries!

P.J. Roscoe will be also be running a talk – Writing to Narration – looking at how the world of the writer is now expanding into the audio-book market. Having narrated a variety of books, she is now working with a company to bring the classics of Bronte, Jane Austin, Oscar Wilde and others to life. The talk will include her journey from author to narrator, the do’s and don’ts of giving a great narration, statistics of the rise of the audiobooks and why all authors should consider this market to sell their work.

Discover more at www.pjroscoe.co.uk and any of the following – twitter – pjroscoeauthor / Instagram – pjroscoeauthor / Facebook – pjroscoeauthor

Lee Benson

A published author, Lee Benson is a very creative person who loves playing the piano, painting in watercolours, photography and writing. His books, available on Amazon, include quirky humour poetry and children’s books, as well as the latest novel and completion of the trilogy ‘Now you’re the artist. Deal with it’ Life is a game. Really!

Visit  https://andrewsparke.com/ for a full list of his books.

So you want to own an art gallery , Where’s your art gallery now, and the latest Now you’re the artist ..deal with it  take a humorous look at a gallery owner’s journey from selling art to painting; fuelled by wine, women, mad artists and crazy clients.  They are not an instruction manual. More an observation of people.

Marie Anne Cope

Marie Anne Cope is based in North Wales and is an established horror and dark fantasy author with a passion for thrills, chills and things that go bump in the night!

She was a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2012 for her book ‘Bonds’, the first novel in a four part series that goes deep into the world of witchcraft and vampires. The supernatural series follows the journey of witch Becca as she comes to terms with her gift and is set against both contemporary and historical backdrops. Other novels include Tales From a Scarygirl and The Misfits.

Jakkie Sinner

Imperia tells the tale of Leon, a young prince and lieutenant in the Eltherian family s army, on the planet Duranni. Having been away for five years, Leon returns to his home to find that life, as he knows it, has been turned upside down. He discovers things about the people closest to him that will change his life forever and completely alter his perception of people that he believes in and trusts… and thought he knew well. Meanwhile, tensions are brewing elsewhere and King Hannibal Tytharikan is restless and preparing for war with the people of the Eltherian family and their neighbouring planets… It won t be long before the Eltherian people will have to face King Hannibal and his warriors in a bloody battle where only one side can emerge victorious… Imperia is an action-packed novel which will have the reader on the edge of your seat.

Dr Brian H Coles

Now in his nineties, Dr. Brian H Coles is a former veterinary surgeon, lecturer and one of Europe’s leading experts on Avian Medicine. Although best known for his academic textbooks, many of which are considered the most important works in the field, his latest book Nature’s Wings & Their Passengers is aimed at general readership and tells the story of the evolution of infectious diseases.

David Ebsworth

DAVID EBSWORTH is the pen name of writer Dave McCall. Dave was born in Liverpool but has lived in Wrexham, North Wales, with his wife Ann since 1981. He began to write historical fiction in 2009 and has subsequently published eight novels and one novella: political thrillers dealing with the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion; the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War; the Battle of Waterloo; warlord rivalry in sixth century Britain; and the Spanish Civil War. His latest novel, Mistress Yale’s Diaries, The Glorious Return , is the second in a trilogy about the life of Wrexham’s very own nabob, philanthropist (and slave-trader) Elihu Yale, who gave his name to Yale University, but told through the eyes of his much-maligned and largely forgotten wife, Catherine.

For more information on the author and his work, visit his website at www.davidebsworth.com .

Andrew Sparke

Andrew Sparke transitioned from lawyer to writer/publisher in 2013. Apart from his own fiction, poetry and non-fiction, his imprint APS Books has now published over 200 books for more than 60 writers and photographers. APS Books is effectively a co-operative which does not charge for publishing services and contracts on a royalty-sharing basis.

Discover more at https://andrewsparke.com/

Emily-Louise Beech

I’m Emily-Louise I am the owner of Cymreictod. Cymreictod meaning ‘Welshness’, the feeling of belonging to the welsh culture, whether it is the language, culture, history or the country. This is my freelancing business I’ve created over the last year. Through this, I run a translations service, welsh lessons, and welsh tutoring. I am also sitting my Masters over at Bangor University.

D.G. Torrens

UK & USA bestselling Author/Poet D. G. Torrens has written and published eighteen books over the last eight years and is currently penning book Nr. 19 entitled, Full Circle, which is due for release in summer 2020. Her first book, Amelia’s Story, has inspired people the world over and has been downloaded over 500k times worldwide. Amelia’s Story is the author’s true-life story. The book, originally, writtenfor her daughter, was never intended for publication!

Since then, Torrens has written military romance, romantic suspense, romantic drama, contemporary romance novels, and poetry books, which have all been received well. The success of Amelia’s Story led the author to the BBC RADIO WM 95.6 FM, in 2014/15 on the Adrian Goldberg breakfast show, where she lent her time as a weekly Headline Reviewer for 12 months.

Discover more at http://dawnsdaily.com/

Peter Hooper

Peter is the Founder and Managing Director of Cox Bank Publishing. A keen runner and cyclist, he has always enjoyed reading about others’ sporting and outdoor exploits and he is keen to bring a wider range of writing about outdoor activity, sport and exercise to a larger audience.

In 2010 he edited and published The Best of the Fells, an anthology of writing on fell and trail races, written by the runners themselves.

That experience inspired him to establish Cox Bank Publishing and to collect and publish existing and new writing, largely by new authors but exclusively by people whose lives have been enhanced by outdoor activity, exercise and/or sport.

Discover more at https://www.coxbankpublishing.com/

Marion Longshadow

Marion Longshadow spent nearly a decade working with residents with advanced dementia in mid Wales, both as a hands-on carer and as an activity coordinator, training in Health and Social care before entering Aberystwyth university to study Psychology at degree level. Since completing her BSc in Psychology with first class honours, she has gone on to study for her Master’s degree in Psychology.

Her book ‘Hazy Days – An Activity Handbook’ draws on her own experience from providing activity opportunities in a nursing home. She originally took the role on in addition to being a carer, because no one else in the home wanted to do it. 

The writer hopes this handbook will help those working with activities to investigate ideas, stretch their imagination and find a way to create meaningful activities for their residents in the home.

Lara Edwards

Lara Edwards is a poet, photographer and writer among other things.  She is currently studying a BA in History and Creative Writing at Glyndwr University and is working on her first young adult fiction graphic novel with an illustrator.

She is co presenter on local radio show Calon Talks Books and can also be heard on the airwaves of Calon FM every third Wednesday lunch time with her own poetry show “Poetry Corner” where she has guests on to talk about their work.

Discover more at https://www.facebook.com/laraedwardspoetry/

Rachel Smith

Rachel has a passion for all things animal related and is the founder of Pawfect Tales, a blog that covers information on the nation’s favourite pets, to the world’s more unusual animals. The blog offers advice and knowledge to improve your overall understanding not just of pets, but also of the wider animal kingdom.

Discover more at https://pawfecttales.co.uk/

Natasha Borton

Natasha Borton is a community artist, performer and facilitator in Wrexham, North Wales. Natasha explores creativity through writing, performance, theatre making and music, taking an active role in the development of the creative scene in Wales. She is currently the Development Coordinator for Voicebox Spoken Word and a National Theatre Wales TEAM Panel member. 

Jude Lennon

Jude Lennon is a former Early Years teacher who now works as a Storyteller under the name Little Lamb Tales. She tells stories at Primary schools, community events, festivals and libraries. Jude is also a children’s author and is the current Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate for the North West.  As an official Patron of Reading, Jude works with schools to spread the message about reading and writing for pleasure.

Jude published her first book, The Dragon of Allerton Oak in 2015. Set in her local park (Calderstones) it features the real Allerton Oak which has stood there for 1000 years. Since then, Jude has gone on to publish fifteen further books. 

Her books cover topics as diverse as Mindfulness for children, phonics, dragons, pirates, astronauts and books set in other countries (including two bilingual English/Spanish ones).

Discover more at www.littlelambpublishing.co.uk

Jude will also be hosting a very exciting expert workshop – ‘The Four Main Elements of writing for a Younger Audience’

Sarah Parkinson

Sarah Parkinson is an Amazon Bestselling Children’s Author and Illustrator living with her husband, daughter and antisocial cat in Oswestry, Shropshire. She wrote her first book in her ‘The Tales of Willow Park’ series while on maternity leave with her daughter. After a lot of late nights painting her illustrations by hand after her daughter had gone to sleep, and with the help of Sue Miller at Team Author, Sarah’s book ‘The Shoe Foxes’ became an Amazon bestseller! She has been doing events across the North West ever since and has just released another book which topped the Amazon charts in her category yet again!

With plans for more books on the way, Sarah plans on using her series (with the help of her husband,  Chris, a Scientist and Zoology graduate) to encourage children to visit their local park and learn about the wildlife around them with these imaginative stories.