David Williams

David Williams – Artwork created by the author

“I like to write stories driven by the natural strangeness inherent in life. Magic Realism is an appropriate description of the genre, but I find it equally pleasing, if not more so, to borrow a beautiful term from the annals of fantastical literature: High Strangeness. 

Life is irrational because living is irrational. Its rhyme and reason is phenomenal. The deepest of its sciences, and the grandest of its logic, produce the finest and most rigorous contradictions. This is not to say that absolute principles, concepts, and their coherence are fundamentally irrelevant, non-existent . They exist in stories and as such they exist perfectly – a tautology for ontological arguers no doubt! 

We tell stories about ourselves and other people because we are nothing without them. And we include things like walls, windows, roads, trees, stars, and planets, because they provide essential guides, buffers, and spurious frames of absolute reference that keep us from crumbling into dust. Strangeness of the highest order, then, is best realised in stories; without them it has no features to speak of. Then where would we all be?”