Katie-Louise Merritt

Katie-Louise Merritt

Katie-Louise Merritt was born and raised in Cornwall . On her marriage to a mining engineer, she lived for many years in West Africa and Malaysia. in 1972 she returned to the England and lived in Essex.

On her remarriage, like a homing pigeon, she returned to her Westcountry roots , where she now lives near her children and grandchildren.

With a deep love of her place of birth, articles and cameos of her childhood have featured in local and national publications under the name of Kathryn Garrod. Her poems have won recognition in many competitions and have been widely published.

A collection of her poetry ‘The Voice that Calls’ came out in 2001 and her first novel ‘Where Shadows Lie’, set in Cornwall, was published in 2009. It was followed by its sequel ‘Into the Light’ in 2017.

She has now published, to the delight of her grandchildren, her traditional stories and poems in a book featuring ‘The Adventures of Three Little Mice & Other Tales’.

She is currently working on a further collection of her poetry which reflects a life lived and loved well over the years, from her childhood to the present.