Nature’s Wings & Their Passengers

Nature’s Wings & Their Passengers is the latest publication from leading avian medicine expert Dr. Brian H Coles.

A photograph of the book Nature's Wings & Their Passengers by Dr. Brian H Coles | wordworx Creative Writing Studio
Nature’s Wings & Their Passengers | Dr. B H Coles

Written by leading avian medicine expert Dr. Brian H Coles, this is the story of the ultimate origin and evolution of infectious diseases in humans, in birds and in other winged creatures.

This is an intelligent person’s guide to the ultimate origin of infectious diseases.

It is a rare delight when someone with the wealth of experience of Brian puts his treasure trove of knowledge into print. The book is full of fascinating information on an underexplored aspect of evolutionary biology.

– Dr. Mark Pilgrim, Director General, Chester Zoo

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An excerpt from the foreword

“On a warm summer’s day, you may be alerted by the harsh screaming “Sweeree” sounds above your head and gazing upwards, you see swifts wheeling and circling expertly in the sky. You note in admiration that they hardly ever seem to close their wings like a swallow, but glide effortlessly on outstretched wings most of the time.

How high they fly will depend on how hot they day is, because they glide in the warmer layer of rising air where their prey is to be found. With their mouths agape they are expertly trawling the air to catch their dinner from among the multitude of tiny insects and other creatures forming the aerial plankton occupying the layer of warm summer air.”