Community Outreach

At wordworx, we are committed to fostering a stronger literary community in Wales by both supporting existing events and campaigns, as well as creating new opportunities for individuals and organisations to access, appreciate and enjoy literature.

Highlights of our community outreach programme to date include:

  • Partnering with Voicebox Spoken Word to host National Poetry Day 2019
  • Creating a weekly literature-based radio show for Community Radio Station Calon FM
  • Delivering 4 storytelling workshops and Q&A sessions at 3 primary schools in Wales for World Book Day 2020.
  • Developing a unique programme for primary schools in Wales that will allow children to explore the entire journey a book takes to reach the shelf, promoting a love of literature in children and highlighting the wide range of jobs that exist within the publishing industry. The programme will roll out this spring.
  • Organising North Wales AuthorEXPO 2020, bringing over 30 authors from Wales, the West Midlands and as far as Poland to North Wales, along with hosting 7 expert-led workshops for aspiring authors.
  • Developing and Delivering six writing workshops to support the Business Wales programme.
  • Publishing a community poetry anthology to support local charity Nightingale House Hospice.
  • Co-founding the Wrexham Writes community.
  • Delivering over 100 hours of affordable English classes for EU nationals.