Cover Design & Artwork

It is said that you should never judge a book by its cover. We beg to differ.

A book cover is an absolutely critical component of a successful book and plays a key role in attracting readers. A high quality, compelling book cover will also form a core part of your marketing campaign, helping to attract and engage audiences and encourage them to buy and read your book.

When properly designed, your book cover will serve to add value to your story and entice readers to venture inside, helping to create a book that readers will treasure for years to come.

We have access to a team of experienced photographers and designers who are able to create a cover to your own specifications or create a bespoke project from scratch. We can create a cover using images supplied or sourced by yourself, or arrange for one of our photographers to do custom photography. In addition, we can also take care of licensing for third party images that you wish to used for your book cover or interior.

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