In Brief – A chat with author Marie Anne Cope

Ahead of her exclusive Facebook Live performance this Sunday evening for Wrexham Carnival of Words 2020 Virtual Litfest, I caught up with author Marie Anne Cope to find out a little more about the inspiration behind her extremely chilling story “Dying to be Scared”.

I’ve read many of Marie’s works, including the ‘Bonds’ novels and ‘Tales From A Scarygirl 1: Dark & Scary’, but few stories made me squirm in my seat the way this one did…

Marie, despite the story being rather extreme, there is something very real and identifiable about the sense of fear it evokes – why do you think this is?

“The fear element is based on the lengths people go to to get a ‘fix’. It reflects a very real-life desire that we all harbour to a varying degree – whether or not we care to admit it.”

What made you choose an escape room as the setting?

“The escape room bit was because I did one, but also saw the movie Escape Room, although I think I wrote my story before the movie.”

The deeply disturbing main character is a doctor (who I hope I will never meet!) where did that come from?

“The doctor and his torture chamber came from a blog I did a few years ago as part of a trip through the dungeons of my mind. The seven heads for seven sins is based on the deadly sins.”

You must have some very dark dungeons! Why did you choose this story for tomorrow’s performance?

“I like reading it as people react to it, plus I’ve been told it’s a good story…”

Indeed it is!

Pop over to Wrexham Carnival of Words on Sunday at 7pm to watch this very special live performance.

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